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Ideas for a Simple Bathroom Remodel

When you are tired of your current bathroom design why not make a change? You can remodel using tons of different ideas that enhance your space in so many ways. Need a bit of inspiration for your design? You can find a handful of bathroom remodel ideas below.

New Flooring

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Install new flooring to create a stylish bathroom from the ground up. While carpet is not the best flooring option for a bathroom, there are tons of other materials that work great, including the popular tile option.


Do you need a bathroom vanity? Of course you do. A bathroom vanity creates a lush bathroom space that adds comfort to this room. And, it saves space and makes it easy to reach all the things that you could need while in the bathroom.


The countertops on your sink in the bathroom can easily be replaced to make a dramatic difference in the overall aesthetic appearance of the room. Why not update the countertops to create a more attractive design suitable to your family? Marble, granite, and tile countertops are a few of the options.

Bathtub Replacement

If your bathroom uses an old-style bathtub, why not come to this century with a more modern bathtub? It is safer, more attractive, and can save you a ton of space and hassle. You may even consider a walk-in tub and separate shower, if you use the latter at all since many people do not.

Final Word

With the bathroom design solutions in decatur, il above, recreating a bathroom is easy and simple. Set a budget, get a few estimates, and get the bathroom that you’ve always wanted after you decide the best ideas for remodeling. You are so much closer to a dream bathroom than you imagined!